Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting to the Opening Ceremonies at WEG!

So I made it! Just a 5 hour drive to my hotel in Louisville (where there was some trouble locating my reservation, but all is well) and then just over an hour to get to the Horse Park. Parking is $20, but was easy enough to access and then an easy walk to the front gates. I did not have much time to browse through the vendor areas yet, but there will be plenty of that later this week.

Tried to grab something to eat before the ceremonies started, but I was not hungry enough to pay almost $9 for a hot dog and stand in line with 100 other people to pay for it. Definitely going to try NOT to eat at the games. Could have had a banana for $1.50 I guess.

Got through the masses to where my seat was - the stadium is fantastic. Long lines to get your ticket checked, but shorter once I went around to the back side of the main seating area, which, it turned out, was right near the section where I was sitting. There was definitely an excited buzz through the crowd, and people turned out in anything from shorts and T-shirts to suits and cocktail dresses. My seat was in the main stadium area, under a roof, about 40 rows back, with a great view of the arena area. Had a post in the way of my view of the stage, which was not terrible, since they were showing the people that were on stage on big screens in the corners of the stadium. I settled in to my seat (not bleachers, thank goodness!), took a quick look through the $5 program, and got my camera ready to go.

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